Breast Ultrasound
Ultrasound Breast Screening is a supplementary tool available for screening dense breast tissue.

Who needs Ultrasound Breast Screening?
Women with dense breast tissue or women with higher than normal risk factors in their history might find additional peace of mind with this screening. This technology is not a replacement for a mammogram, rather a supplemental tool. According to a recent study published in Radiology Journal, when women added an Ultrasound in addition to a mammogram, there was a 36% increase in breast cancer detection.

What is Ultrasound Breast Screening?
Ultrasound Breast Screening is a screening of the breasts using the same type of machine that is used for diagnostic or OB/GYN procedures. The screening takes about 15 minutes and requires no breast compression, injections or radiation.  You lie on your back and the technician will pass an ultrasound wand over your breast.

Why is the Ultrasound beneficial?
On a mammogram, dense breast tissue shows up as white.  Unfortunately, cancers also appear as white.  It’s easy to see white cancer on the dark background of fatty breast tissue; but it is difficult to see the white cancer on the white background of the white dense breast tissue. With Ultrasound, cancers show up as dark spots on a white background.

Can I skip my mammogram appointment, and just do an Ultrasound?
No.  Ultrasound is not a replacement for mammograms.  Ultrasound images the tissue differently, so it sees different things.  Women with dense breast tissue can ask their doctor if both exams would be beneficial for them.

How can I schedule an Ultrasound?
An Ultrasound can either be scheduled at one of our BDC offices, or be done at the same time as your mammogram.

What is the cost of an Ultrasound?
Breast Diagnostic Center will bill your insurance company for the examination, and promptly notify you of any amount for which you may be responsible.

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