Q. I was chatting with a patient about the American Cancer Society guidelines on yearly screening mammography and she asked me if doctors practice what they preach.

A. In the case of mammograms and early detection, the answer was an overwhelming “yes.”

Answering that exact question, a research article was published last June in one of the most respected Radiology journals, “American Journal of Roentgenology.” The researchers found over 98 percent of physicians who specialize in mammography recommend the test on a yearly basis to friends, family and patients. The statistics held up regardless of whether the doctor was male or female. Female physicians 40 and older who specialize in mammography get their checkup yearly and both genders recommend yearly checkups to their patients, family members and friends. As I reflect on why this is, I think it is because we, as doctors who specialize in early detection, see how well our patients do when we identify a small cancer and make it a manageable detour in her life, versus when we care for a patient who has not had regular checkups and now is faced with a poor outcome from a larger cancer that could have been caught earlier. I think dealing with those scenarios on a daily basis drives physicians to practice what we preach. Read More on Auburn Reporter Online 

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